Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun at Home.

Cartooning fun isn't restricted to airports.

Here at the Marcraft Novelty MGF CO. we enjoy making and hanging family projects.

The first is to have the youngest member of the company to invent and design their own character, then have the whole family draw a giant adventure.

These guys are "Draw and Erase Puppies", the doggie helpers of Brooklyn's most intrepid hero, "Draw and Erase Girl". Note the drawing powers on their ears and erase power at the end of their tails. They live on the moon (and have a ladder to get there) and battle the guy at the bottom.

If your kid isn't much of a character inventor, then just make a zoo:

If your kid isn't into zoos, then just read him/her the Sunday Funnies, like my father did when I was a kid.