Monday, January 15, 2007

Big line drawing...

One of the best parts of the cool-tastic Saul Steinberg show at the Morgan was seeing his huge riff on a straight line. The drawing clocked in at over 30 ft. or something, so big that they could only show a section of it.

Is the line the top of a bridge, the bottom of an ocean? Steinberg keeps the beauty going for yard upon yard.

Animation pal Bill Plympton made a great cartoon based on the same idea a few years back. A fantastic short.

Well, thought I, that looks like fun.

Last night the arrival of Jon Scieszka and his lovely wife Jeri to the Marcraft Novelty MFG. Co. seemed like the perfect opportunity to knock out our own rip-off.

Everyone doodled their hearts out and had a great time. The Trixter and Jon rocked on the ant-farm section (you can tell it's a farm because of the little tractors).

Why not try it yerself?