Friday, January 19, 2007

Bubble gum…

One of my old bios floating around the web mentions that, among other oddities, I once was a Bubble Gum Card Painter.

Bubble Gum Card Painter (or BGCP as they say in the biz)? Whazzat?

Back in the early 90’s before photoshop had taken over the world, original art for all pop culture detritus (comics, bubble gum cards, etc…) had to be hand painted. Like in animation, the black line would be separated and the two plates could be put together.

I got into the biz like most people, I was broke and pals with underground comix legend Mark Newgarden (known to comix fans for his ‘gals and giggles’ style strips and known to the outside world for creating the Garbage Pail Kids).

Mark and Linda Simensky (who was at Nick for the Off-Beats and CN for Sheep in the Big City) used to drop by The Monotony Variety Show I put on bi-weekly on Ludlow Street.

Taking pity on me and my obviously threadbare finances, he allowed me to spend the summer painting on Topps’ new Nicktoons line.

The results of hour upon sweaty hour is here:

This could all be done now in 3 minutes on a Mac…