Tuesday, January 2, 2007

From (deep) in the archives...

As things are going well with the Top Secret Pigeon Project, I thought I give you another peek into the origins of the Pigeon.

This time, let’s go back 30 years. My parents weren’t much into the fantasy thing, so instead of visits from the Tooth Fairy, I had to package and sell my teeth to the highest bidder. Seeing as my Mother and Father had created a sort of an illegal trust, I could not play one against the other and had to depend on good patter and salesmanship.

For my allowance, however, I would approach my Father, who was a softer touch.

Here is the text of my annual allowance request letter, circa 1977:

“Dear Dad,

I think it would be very nice to have a raise in my allowance. I would say about 10%.

In my opinion it would be great for my standard of living and your Christmas present might be a little bit bigger. You better look forward to that.


Your Son.

P.S.: No P.S.”

There is debate within the family as to the effectiveness of this letter, but there is no doubt that a Pigeon helped in it’s drafting.