Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sand Blasted...

As a young starving artist, I was lucky enough to pay (some) of my bills by carving (and later sandblasting) images on my father's pottery at his studio/gallery in New Orleans.

The big break came in 1992 or so when the Guggenheim Museum's gift shop ordered 85 bowls in the mold of Paul Klee to be sold during a big Klee show.

The coolest part of that gig (besides the badly needed cash) was getting to spend a bunch of time with Klee's work. His colors certainly influenced mine from The Off-Beats to the Pigeon and beyond. A few years later, I spent a month in Tunisia, where Klee had been blown away by the light and sunsets, and saw first hand where his palette came from.

The following bowls are from the late 1990's and are the last bowls I've made in conjunction with my father.