Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yay Fan Mail (January edition)

The latest packet of kids letters and drawings has just made its tortuous way to the Marcraft Novelty MGF Corp. and includes many superior Pigeon ideas from:

Don’t Let the Pigeon Swallow a Bee!


Don’t Let the Pigeon Buy 100 Balloons !


Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride a Scooter/Skateboard/Bike/Boat !(I want a Scooter/Skateboard/Bike/Boat, desperately).

Here are a few pages from “Don’t Let the Giraffe Drive the Train!” Mostly they are along the lines of this:

Then, suddenly, the tale takes an unexpected turn:


I was also complimented with such gems as:

“Your funny because you write with think bubbles!”

“Wow you are not disrebectful of other people and I like That.”

“Id never think of The words you use and what order you put them in.”
(Part hardest is that)

Then there’s this:

And my favorite PS of all time:

Thanks guys, you made my day!

(Drop off your missives to Mo Willems c/o Hyperion Books for Children, 114 5th Ave, 14th fl., NYC 10011)

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