Friday, February 9, 2007


Concurrent with carving or sandblasting bowls thrown by my father and bending wire sculpture, I made a few larger pieces for a Father and Son show at Gallery Henoch (then in Soho).

Hard to believe, but the show was ten years ago.

We’d had a few smaller exhibits of our collaborations in New Orleans and New York, and had a series displayed at the Guggenhiem Museum Gift Shop, but this was our first real, big time exhibit (an exhibit that was made possible by nepotism, as I’d worked at the Gallery in college and the director and I had become pals and stayed in touch over the years).

Here are a few shots of the show:

Two of my favorite pieces didn’t sell, so I got to keep them. This is a large monk constructed out of a ceramic tube and two bowls placed together (my father) then decorated by myself.

This large tile piece is large and heavy, but I dig it.