Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fun with Character Design!

Here at the Marcraft Novelty MGF Co. we’ve had enough with grown ups teaching kids how to draw stuff like Pigeons and such. So, recently I had a drawing lesson in how to draw sharks and fish like a real kid.

The Trixter is already adept at character design, having refined a robo-dog and the super-hero known as “Draw-and-Erase-Puppy”.

After a comprehensive step by step (the shark’s mouth is a smile, then and upside down smile, followed by a bunch of sharp teeth in the middle), I took a stab at it.

The results are as follows:

(You will note that the sharks’ tails are missing. I was informed that this is because shark’s tails are very difficult to draw, so it’s better to simply have them coming into frame. This is very close to the advice that I received from Chuck Jones when I met him years back. He told the story of not being able to make a life-drawing of a woman from a certain angle and being told by his teacher, “then draw her from a different angle.” Brilliant in it’s simplicity, no?)

By the by, a killer whale’s tail seems to be a breeze:

Why not have your kid teach you to draw today?