Monday, February 5, 2007

My Voice is So High…

Music was a big part of Sheep in the Big City, and thankfully I had an excellent, funny composer by the name of Julian Harris to rely on.

I’d write up a jumble of lyrics and he’d make a cool tune.

For example for the title sequence I gave him the following lyric sheet:

Baa. Baa, baa.
Baa. Baa, baa.
Baa. Baa, baa.
Sheep in the Big City.

And off he went.

The following clip also features Julian’s singing, which started as a scratch track. I liked so much, we kept it.

(again, a better version can be seen HERE.)

(I have to say, I love that for no reason whatsoever, the song ends with, "TONITE!")

We also wrote a “The Bureaucrat Song” for Stephanie D’Abruzzo, which I loved, but unfortunately I don’t have a clip of. More on her later...