Friday, February 2, 2007


Not until after college did I discover the sublime comedy of Nichols and May, but once I did, I was hooked.

While an actor of mine buddy has worked with Nichols on one of his film projects and a cartoonist friend was good pals with May back in the day, I’ve yet to meet either of them. I would like to, tho’.

My nod to their improvisational-esque chatty comedy took form of the Sombrero Brothers sketches on Sheep in the Big City.

(a better quality version of the clip can be seen HERE.)

The voices were myself as Hector and the insanely talented Ken Schatz as Bill. (Ken was the true star of Sheep, playing the Narrator, Completely Powerful Guy, and practically every other part on the show. He would sometimes do 5 or 6 distinct voices in a bit on a single take.)

Apologies to the masters, who made their own cartoon animated by my first boss, Michael Sporn.

(Season One of Sheep is available on iTunes)