Monday, March 19, 2007

That’s Covered...

Some of you may have noticed my cover for Publisher’s Weekly’s Spring Children’s issue last month.

I thought I’d share some roughs on the process of that drawing.

I was chosen, primarily, because I draw quickly and the deadline was rather tight. My first thought was to take a photograph of Brooklyn and show lots of people hanging out and reading. But, that proved impractical because of the deadline and the fact that I didn’t have any spring-time pictures that I liked to work from.

This was the next idea (in tight pencils):

I liked the drawing, but when I dummied it up as a cover with PW’s logo and fake text, it turned out to be too busy.

As I doodled, searching for a simpler composition, the idea of a mother bird reading to her chicks zipped out of my pencil. Nice, thought I, but way too Pollyanna.

That is until I thought of the title of the book they were reading.

Here is the tight pencil of that idea:

And, here is the final:

The colors are sickeningly sweet (to contrast with the pessimistic book title).

Magazine covers are fun.