Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Back!

The Elephant and Piggie Tour was a whirlwind that included stores, libraries, schools, radio, TV, and Newspaper interviews.

Most stops included a reading of TODAY I WILL FLY! by the Mo Willems Theatre Ensemble Troupe Reparatory Group Company (comprised of willing and unwilling audience members).

But, as always the highlights of the tour were the cool drawings and stories I accumulated over the past week or so.

One group of kids gave me huge strips of paper filled with excuses the Pigeon could use to stay up late (kind of like flash cards for whiners) that included such classics as:

“I’ll wake up late and you’ll have peace in the morning.”

“I’ll clean the liter box. It’s skinky.”

and, of course:

“I’ll paint the house your favorite color.”

I received a few fully executed books, such as the classic I WILL GO ON THE ROOF TODAY.

And, my personal favorite, in a series of essays detailing what Knuffle Bunny reminded kids of:

“When I whent to applebees. I had my monky. When I lost it there. I felt like I was going to krie. I did.”

Now, I've got to get back to work!

(photos taken from the blog Stanley Reads)