Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book Expo America Schedule…

Book Expo America is a gigantic exposition aimed at independent bookstores, chains, rabid book fans (bookies?). Each year seems bigger than the last; I quake at the thought of New York’s Javits Center jam-packed with every single book on the market desperately vying for attention (which occasionally takes the form of squishy mascots or ersatz half-naked Vikings politely plugging their new romance novel--“Fearsome Thangor Discovers A Strange New Land Beyond the Fiords; a land called Passion”).

For all the madness, it’s a great chance to catch up with author and illustrator pals and make new friends. I have a few dinners to attend (including one that always seems to degenerate into a sloppy roast between Dave Barry, Eoin Colfer, Riddley Pearson, myself, and anyone else in roasting distance) and, of course, a few meetings.

I also get to join in a few public events on Friday June 1st.

Firstly, I’m one of the speakers at the Children’s Breakfast along with UK super-star Jacqueline Wilson and writer of eccentricities extraordinaire Daniel Pinkwater. The breakfast will be MC’d by neighbor and YA hotshot Libba Bray (a fact which worries me because every time I see her husband dropping their kid off at school he asks if I’m “ready” with a mischievous wink).

I'll chat a bit before teaching everyone how to draw the Pigeon.

The breakfast is ticketed and begins at 8 am. Eat first.

Right afterwards I’ll be signing Knuffle Bunny Too F&Gs (“Folded and Gathered” or unbound advance copies) at Table 24 from 10:30am-11:30am. The lines at these things are always wild, but fun.

Lunch is another ticketed event (for booksellers), the Book Sense Author Luncheon, a cool event that features over 50 authors and illustrators whose work has been chosen for various Book Sense Picks Lists from January 2006 through May 2007. (Book Sense is the indie group that highlights cool books and they’ve been very supportive of my books. My Friend is Sad! is #8 on their current list.)

I’ll also drop by the ABC dinner and auction (as a civilian, not a speaker) to pick up some cool art (I donated the original final pencil drawing of my cover for a recent edition of Publisher’s Weekly).

(a few booths that I won't be able to visit, but wish I could are the PEN America booth, which encourages freedom of speech, which I think is a cool freedom, and the Yottoy booth, which encourages the freedom to get a stuffed animals based on my books, another freedom I heartily endorse)

Please note that these events are open to attendees of the Convention. I’ll be sure to report a bit on the madness after i recover...