Friday, May 11, 2007


Last night was the wrap party for Codename: Kids Next Door, the last TV show I worked on (as head writer).

The #1 rated Cartoon Network series, created by pal Tom Warburton, lasted an incredible 6 seasons with and additional two hour-long specials and a made for TV movie produced. That’s 32 and 3/4’s hours of sooper-gi-hoogic action without commercials! (I was involved for the first 4 seasons and the TV movie, so you can only blame me for a little over 21 hours of the action).

It had been a few years since I’d seen most of the crew, who I’d worked with for much of my career (many worked on Sheep in the Big City, some worked on the Off-Beats).

Everyone was safely doodling away on other TV shows, and a few had moved on to new careers (two crew members from the color department have graphic novel deals with cool indie publishers, one of the background artist’s first big-label kids book comes out this month, and my old script supervisor has an illustration in this weeks New Yorker).

Fun and drinks were had by all--but most of the action was by the food. Animators are not paid, they’re fed.

Here are Tom and I being challenged to count up to Numbuh Five.

Ah, well...

The evening ended with music by the Upper Crust, a band who was featured in one of the episodes.

Congrats to Tom for having the kind of genius that comes with mind of a nine-year old. Thanks to the crew for making it a great place to work and blow up stuff. And thanks to the kids out there who made the show a hit by watching.

End Transmission…

(PS: if you want to ask Mr. Warburton about his work, drop by the upcoming READINGS ON THE 4TH FLOOR to listen to him, Jon Scieszka, Joey Mazzarino, and myself pontificate)