Monday, May 21, 2007

National Film Board of Canada ROCKS!

One of the fun parts of visiting Toronto for the IRA Conference last week was stumbling upon the headquarters for the National Film Board of Canada. The NFB is legendary to all animation fans as the premier producer of funny, experimental, and just cool animated shorts. Basically they find cool animators, give ‘em an office and let ‘em rip.

Every animation student dreams of making a film for them (I sure did).

Consequently, every few years the Oscar goes to an NBF film (it did this year).

So what’s the world’s premier quasi-indie studio do with their lobby? Plop down a bunch of Star-Trek-like chairs attached to gi-normous monitors and a computers that can play any film (ANY FILM) that they’ve ever made.

Not only was I lucky enough to stumble upon such a cool place; I had a few hours to kill.

NBF also commissions documentaries, so I sat there and checked out cool cartoons and docs from 1948-2007.

I think that the same service is available for Canadians on-line.

Check out their site here.