Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shall we Rant?

One night long ago, while out with friends, I tipsily pronounced that if I were to get my own TV show I would end it with 30 seconds of a Ranting Swede. This pronouncement was made with the sure knowledge that I would never get my own TV show.

Well, when Sheep in the Big City was picked up by Cartoon Network, I felt I had no choice. Fortunately, I had former VJ Kevin Seal around to improvise angry rants at will. All that was left was to get animator buddies to draw to the track.

Animator pal Pete List has posted a clip of the Ranting Swede that he animated for me.

Pete is an amazing animator, rock musician, and all around nice guy. He’s best known for his stop motion animation in features and TV, but as you can see, he’s a great cel animator as well.

Pete recently finished animating a very funny version of Leonardo the Terrible Monster. While, they haven’t put up a clip yet, ordering info is here.