Monday, June 11, 2007

I lost my Sheep...

It is frustrating having no control over my characters. While rabid Sheep in the Big City fans were tatooing Sheep on their butts, Cartoon Network refused to release the cult show on DVD (or even allow Curious Pictures to do so).

Then, suddenly, they release Season One on iTunes. I run into a CN exec. who tells me that they've done very well. The logical next move? Well, certainly not putting Season Two on iTunes. Probably better to just take off Season One before any more fans, y'know, buy the show.

The daily emails return to my in box: where is the show? Why won't you release it?

Ruminating on Network logic this weekend while flying to Los Angeles for an appearance, I decided to watch a little TV to clear my mind. The Kids selection? Sheep in the Big City.

So if you want to see the show, just fly Continental. (That is, before CN discovers people are watching it...)

On the plus side, two characters I do have control over just got a nice mini-review in Chicago.