Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I’m back – I’m gone!

I’ve just returned from the Librarian’s conference in DC, which was good fun.

Besides various dinners, signings, and celebrations, I was able to catch David Macaulay speak at the opening of his excellent retrospective at the Building Museum and revisit the Steinberg exhibit at the Portrait Gallery that I’d enjoyed months ago at the Morgan.

Jon Scieszka and I enjoyed whooping it up at the Drill Cart Competition (a quick report here) and the Trixter got on stage to help accept the Carnegie Medal for the Knuffle Bunny Cartoon.

The end of ALA is traditionally the beginning of summer at the Marcraft Novelty MGF Corp. which means I’ll be spending the next two months minnow hunting.

If you want Mo info, will be updated over the summer. You can also visit the Katonah Museum for massive show of Picture book art featuring gobs of cool illustrators including myself.

See ya in the fall!