Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cartoon Festivals...

I’ve written about my love for Saul Steinberg. Well, obviously, I’m not the only animator to dig his work as animation legend George Griffin well knows. He’s moderating a cool screening entitled “Saul Steinberg and Animation” at the prestigious Ottawa Animation Festival on September 21st :& 22nd. George asked me to include my most Steinbergian short “Another Bad Day For Philip Jenkins” (which you can see here, although the Ottawa screening will have a pristine print).

I’ve attended many of the festivals (screening work, on panels, and one year judging), which are always great fun. But I’ll have just come back from the road touring Knuffle Bunny Too that week, so I'll miss the parties.

As long as we're talking about screenings, the Carnegie Medal winning cartoon version of Knuffle Bunny, will be playing on September 30th in Queens at the Jackson Heights Film & Food Fest.

If you miss that, Knuffle Bunny will be available to the general public on a new DVD release at the end of next month.

Cartoons rock.

As a side note: it was George Griffin who jump started my career back in 1991 when he included "The Man Who Yelled" in a program of the best NYC animation of the last 25 years at the Cardiff Animation Festival. That screening led me to getting called by Spike and Mike, which led to Iddy Biddy Beat, which led to Sesame Street…. Thanks, George.