Thursday, September 13, 2007

Off-Beats Beats!

After we finished the Off-Beats Valentines special in 1999, Curious Pictures produced a mock album for the crew. It featured all kinds of music clips from the special, including:

The Off-Beats theme.

The haunting music as August's dog, September, tells the tale of February, the cat he loved and the war that tore them apart.

And my favorite bit, a (purposefully) terrible love song that played in the background while September was morosely DJing the Valentine's dance . We played it very low in the mix, so no one could hear the terrible lyrics sung in off-key bliss by, uh, me. So, brace yourselves, here it is:

Rock on to the sooper-talented Louis Lino for making the Off-Beats so jazzy (and keeping a straight face during the records)...

(PS: you can find the script here)