Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Animated Acting…

I’ve briefly mentioned my early days freelancing at R. O. Blechman’s Ink Tank Studio and being taught animation there at nights by the lovely, generous Tissa David.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much work for an over-enthusiastic, under-talented animator in the city back then. Sure, occasionally I’d get work, but not the work I wanted.

The Ink Tank’s hipster downtown rival Broadcast Arts hired me to write, not animate.

And Bob Blechman hired me as an actor*. Here’s a spot where I play a young R.O. Blechman, a spot which ran in festivals for years, even after I’d gotten my hair cut.


(*While there may have been a surplus of animators in the city in '93 or so, New York seems to have been short on dirt cheap actors who could operate flip-books backwards while wearing a bow tie…)