Monday, December 17, 2007

Suzie Kabloozie Paloozie…

Someone has started to post some of my old Sesame Street Suzie Kabloozie shorts. So, I thought I’d show them here.

They’re a mixed bag, which represent a progression for me both in terms of animation and technology (the first films were done traditionally with hand painted cels, the latter ones were drawn, scanned, and digitally colored).

As I’ve mentioned before, Suzie was my first continuing character appearing in 16 shorts (some of the very short) that I animated between 1995 and 1999.

Here’s her debut, complete with vaguely adult humor that I managed to get away with…

This later one features rhymes and transitions in a direct homage to my favorite film Gerald McBoing Boing.

As time went by, Suzie started to sing. First songs I wrote:

Then she butchered classic Sesame Songs:

My favorite was Suzie’s Somebody Come and Play, in which Feff did his best to escape her clutches throughout.

Suzie was the first in a line of plucky little girls that I created, followed by The Off-Beats’ Betty-Anne Bongo, Sheep in the Big City’s Lisa Rental, and Knuffle Bunny’s Trixie…