Monday, December 3, 2007

This Week…

… begins auction #3 for Robert’s Snow, which has some pretty cool snowflakes available (with proceeds going to cancer research). You can even bid on my little number. Bid often, bid high. The auction closes at the end of the week.

In less moral news, my spies tell me that there is a good chance of Knuffle Bunny (the book) appearing on the television series All My Children this Friday (Dec. 7th).

This is not KB’s first televised reference. Many fans and friends have contacted me about a recent Knuffle reference on the Nov. 22nd episode of Ugly Betty. I hadn’t seen the show before, but they were so nice, I’m now a fan.

Not to be outdone, the Pigeon, in the form of a board book, is rumored to appear in the recent feature film Waitress.

The Pigeon also had a soap opera debut on One Life to Live earlier this year.

And both the Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny books may get some air-time on a cop show next season.

All in all, my books have faired better on TV and Movies than my TV shows have.

Outside of Sheep’s appearances on Sheep in the Big City, he’s been seen on Codename: Kids Next Door (my favorite reference: when the KND try to use the villains’ password, “Sheep”, they are informed, “I’m sorry. That password has been CANCELED!”.

Clips of the show were also seen on the big screen in the Ishtar of our day: Gigli.

Speaking of Sheep, here’s his take on One Life to Live:

Have a good week.