Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And Now For Something Completely… (Belch)! (a special not for the kiddies post)

I know I’d previously said I’d taken the month off from ‘public appearances’ to concentrate on my books, but when pal Mr. Warburton informed me of an upcoming animation/drinking event I must admit I yearned for a bit of the hair of the dog.

I’m talking about the animating.

Y’know, there was a time when we could do both; but neither Tom nor I have attempted them simultaneously (despite that fact that when most people have see our animation they ask, “Were you drunk or something?”).

Well, after this event, I will be able to hold my head high (with a compress) and say, “Shhh... Why is everybody yelling?”

If you’re a grown up, immature, and an animator, (that’ll be most of ‘em ) drop on by Wed Nite. This will be my only PUB-lic appearance this month.

PS: The last time I tried an animated Jam Session, it was the one I organized 8 years ago. Tom joined in (his bit is the Satyr being eaten by the Toilet—I know, I know, classy) as did the rest of the NYC animation scene. Here, have a look:

UPDATE: Check out the some of the others who are dropping by!