Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Board...

The Trixter and I have taken to quickly doodling up versions of our brand new board game TRIXIE & DADDY BOUNCE 3000®© ™ while waiting for our food in cafes.

The rules are simple. You move forward on a board unless you land on a square that makes you go backwards (or more forward, or lose a turn, or get a turn, or whatever…).

If someone lands on you, you bounce back one and they bounce forward one.

If you don’t have a die, then use a quarter (heads=3, tails=1).

TRIXIE & DADDY BOUNCE 3000®© ™turns out to be such fun that we’ve made our larger boards at home (see below).

Last weekend, the family went on a TRIXIE & DADDY BOUNCE 3000®© ™ binge, creating an over 8-foot long, soooper complicated MEGA ULTRA UBER TRIXIE & DADDY BOUNCE 3000®© ™board.

The first hour was great fun, but when someone landed on the “–99” square, the game was postponed for a spirited debate on universal justice…