Sunday, January 13, 2008

Six Years ago this month…

Sheep in the Big City was officially canned by the Cartoon Network and I began writing on its replacement, pal Tom Warburton’s Codename: Kids Next Door.

I emptied my office of Sheep storyboards, sketches, etc… and moved down the hall (Tom took my office) where I began to maintain a big board filled with postcards of new ideas, episode titles, and pitches.

At the same time I began production art on my first picture book, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

It was a busy time.

After season one we moved to new offices. Tom made a big master board in his new office (which is where we would post our story cards and pitch an episode every Tuesday morning) while I kept a separate one in mine, which I used to track the progress of episodes, keep a list of operative numbuhs that we’d used, and post ideas that hadn’t quite turned into stories.

52 episodes, a xmas special, and made-for-TV feature later, I called it quits. I was tired, I wanted to make more books, and (as you can see) my board was filled up.

Tom kept up for 2 more seasons plus a few specials.

Now, he posts that he’s emptying his office and saying goodbye to his big board.

So, what’s Tom going to do next? Something very cool no doubt… just as soon as he finishes his first picture book.

End Transmission.