Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008.

Hope your holidays were good fun and your head isn’t throbbing too much.

The last week or so has been spent busily working on a my new picture book (mo’ info later) and a few Willems holiday traditions, such as Christmas Pizza, the annual visit to a shopping mall, and catching up with pals and their families.

Literary hanging out included of time with pals Jackie Woodson, Tony DiTerlizzi, and Jon Scieszka and their ilk. Although, I’m not sure how literary we all were.

Jackie and I got to dig her car out of a poorly maintained snowy dirt road embankment. The fact that it was my poorly maintained snowy dirt road embankment was, well, embarrassing.

We caught up with Tony at the Eric Carle Museum for a show of his insanely cool of Spiderwick drawings plus designs and sculptures from the upcoming feature (with animation by Phil Tippett-!-). Another show had an overview of recent picture book work including a set of Knuffle Bunny drawings. But, honestly most of our time was spent tickling Tony and his wife’s quizzical baby, who rocks.

We caught up with Scieszka in his kitchen in the middle of a heated contest for the world’s biggest ham. The ham Jon cooked edged out Mr. Scieszka himself, barely.

Speaking of Jon, seeing as I have no public appearances this month (see above mentioned picture book), I’ll plug Jon Scieszka’s appearances to help launch Jon Scieszka’s Truck Town by Jon Scieszka. I’ve seen the first Jon Scieszka’s book of Jon Scieszka’s Truck Town by Jon Scieszka and it rocks. Go see him if he’s in your town. Jon Scieszka’s.

This is going to be a big year for Jon Scieszka, a little bird told me*.

Back to our regularly scheduled plugging: don’t forget to check out the often updated Pigeon Contest Page (click on the contest button) to see what some of your pals have come up with for Pigeon’s next book.

And the intrepid reporters at Entertainment Weekly intrepidly report that Leonardo the Terrible Monster is the favorite book of Julia Roberts, who turns out to be an actress of some renown and not Supreme Court Justice John Robert’s niece.

Finally, a big shout out to my fan of the week: the emergency room doctor/picture book reader whose 3am council helped with expunging a food court experience (see annual trip to a shopping mall).

I’d tell mo’, but you already 08…

* A little bird named Jon Scieszka.