Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Covering over my past...

My starving artist days of the early 90's were slightly less starving thanks to a friend who was the graphic designer for a small publishing house dealing in technical books about mental problems (really).

As a favor, as opposed to my limited photographic abilities, he allowed me to run around and take pictures for the covers of his books.

Here’s one featuring my performance partner in The Normals, a sketch duo that bounced around the clubs and art-halls from 1988-90, and another cover featuring the guy who ran a small theater on Ludlow Street where we performed on occasion.

Are the books’ titles related to the photograph’s subjects? Pure coincidence.

(I did a few others, including one featuring my then girlfriend which was unflattering enough to adversely effect our relationship. I used the fee to buy a good dinner and all was well…)