Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pigeon likes Press (sometimes)…

My hometown paper loves the Pigeon! (Yay)

Kirkus likes the Pigeon! (Yay)

They say:

The charming, exasperating pigeon returns, and this time he REALLY knows what he wants—or at least he thinks he does. As in his previous outings, he addresses the reader—“I’m fine. Thanks for asking”—and communicates a wide range of emotions through minimal words and a few deft pen strokes that brilliantly bring to life his one-of-a-kind personality. Following his now-familiar routine, the pigeon throws a tantrum and slyly attempts to manipulate the reader’s (listener’s) emotions: “You don’t want me to be happy, do you?...You just don’t understand.” Be careful what you wish for might well be the moral of this tale, since the reality of a puppy turns out to be hilariously larger and more frightening than the pigeon’s or readers’ expectations. Even though the pigeon may get more than he bargained for, his many fans with find they get exactly what they’ve come to expect: lots of giggles.

PW doesn’t. (Boo)