Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Back!

Thanks to everyone for saying ‘hi’ at the ALA convention in Anaheim last weekend. It was a whirlwind of lunches, signings library cart competitions, watermelon tossing, and general mischief.

Highlights included Brian Selznick’s awesome, awesome speech, Laura Amy Schlitz’s awesome, awesome, awesome speech and the Geisel Committee displaying headbands with birds on their heads just before mine. Never before have so few looked so silly for so many. I wear mine with pride.

I also had sent to me in my hotel room my Pigeon Backpack and Elephant and Piggie dolls, both of which are made out of 892% awesome.

Thanks to all of the Library Cart Competition teams from me and Jon Scieszka. I’m no judge, but you were all my favorite.

Some housekeeping before I go back to work and minnow hunting…

The London Times likes Elephant and Piggie.

Thanks to you, Knuffle Bunny Too and The Pigeon Wants a Puppy are PW Bestsellers. Speaking of Publisher’s Weekly, here’s a nice plug for Elephant and Piggie’s new video game (scroll down).

If you're in LA, you can check out some original Knuffle Bunny sketches at the Children Should Be Seen exhibit at the Public Library

The nice folks at Booklist, give Elephant and Piggie’s new books I Will Surprise My Friend! and I Love My New Toy! starred reveiews, saying, “the combination of simple text and mischievous art will satisfy beginning readers” and “the charm comes in the way Willems captures the emotions of young children, sometimes with a line of dialogue (“You broke it!”), and sometimes with an artful drawn line that says as much as words.” Thanks Booklist!