Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NEWS FLASH (..in the pan)!

I've got a new gig as NPR's radio cartoonist.

It's a dream come true; I've always wanted to cartoon for a non-visual medium.

The cool thing is that you can guess the caption as well, and the funny ones will be read on All Things Considered.

Check out the details here.

I'll be recording the gags tomorrow, so I assume they'll start airing soon.

Rock on!

(Oh, and if you think this is a cool idea--let NPR know. It's a trial run and I'm hoping to make it a permanent gig. I've been pitching this idea for years--Dave Barry once told me that it was the single worst idea I'd ever had, which I took as a complement because he knows I've had much worse ideas. Call me crazy, but I've always wanted a business card that said: "Radio Cartoonist")