Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knuffle Funny

I'm off to Abilene, Texas to help open my first ever solo exhibition, entitled Knuffle Funny: the art and whimsy of mo willems, at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature (the 'nickle' or NCCIL for short).

This is an exciting event for me. The show will be chock full of original drawings, sketches, watercolors, ceramics and wire sculptures ranging from my book work to my TV stuff, doodles, and personal art.

I'm happy to say that everyone attending will also get a chance to draw their own Pigeon on a wall, which is awesome, and over time will become awesomerer!

The official exhibit site has images from the show and a new interview. Another page lists the opening events this weekend.

Please do drop by if you're in the neighborhood over the next month or so (for those of you who aren't, the show is supposed to tour the country for the next year or so-- I'll keep everyone updated on that as it progresses).

For those of you who can't make it, here is a draft version of the exhibit's brochure (click on any image to enlarge):