Monday, November 10, 2008

This week... a busy one for public appearances.

On Saturday I’ll be at the Savannah, GA Book fest, along with a slew of other rockin’ book guys (here’s a preview article).

Sunday it’s back to Northampton, MA where I'll be at R. Michaelson Gallery's annual illustration show, along with a slew of other rockin’ book guys. Here’s a chance to get original art and meet the guys who make it.

If you can't make it to the gallery event, the audio blog, Just One More Book will report live from the scene.

Maybe you'll be in NYC on Thursday Nov. 20th. If so, check out the NY Society of Animators (ASIFA-East) Annual-Once-Every-Three-Years Used Art Auction hosted by pal Tom Warburton. It features cool original sketches and goodies from myself and a slew of other rockin’ animation guys. Art dealers are discouraged, so this is always a great place to get some deals on cool drawings.

See ya there!

PS: here's a bonus bit of October cuteness that a pal at Hyperion emailed me about. Awwwww-some.