Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yay New Books!

A big box arrived at my studio today filled with copies of Elephant and Piggie's latest adventure, Watch Me Throw the Ball!

You'll be able to pick up your copy on March 17th at your favorite book store or library. I hope that readers of all sizes will find it funny.

(I'll be doing a very limited number of signings in MA and NJ in the coming weeks to promote Watch Me Throw the Ball! More on that at the end of the month...)

On a personal note, it's always a thrill and a shock to the system to hold a new book. A thrill because it's finally real, a shock because it was "finished" so long ago it's easy to forget what's in it. Re-reading it after so long is like getting a note from your past self.

By the by, the dog got excited by the book (or the subject matter) when I started taking pictures.

(He'll have an even bigger thrill in '10 when he gets a copy of the book he stars in, illustrated by pal Jon J Muth. Mo' on that next year....)