Friday, April 10, 2009

Is it Fun or Mental...?

The fine folks over at Reading is Fundamental have started a Read with Kids Challenge that involves, uh, reading with kids!

I actually read with my glasses, but what do I know?

Precious little.

The idea is that you join teams and log your reading and then something cool happens with US Air. More importantly, something cool will happen with you and your kid. You'll have great fun.

Any-hoo, you can join Al Roker's team, but seriously, I think you'd rather join TEAM MO'S PIGEONS, the coolest team with the most awkwardly European grammar.

That's right, I'll be your very own honorary team captain, honorarily demanding better performance, faster reading, and stuff. All of this from the comfort of my own honorarium (which, with the rain we've been getting lately has come in quite handy).

So what are you waiting for, go sign up, join a team (or better yet, make one of your own), and read with a kid!

Because reading is da mental... Fun da mental!