Monday, May 11, 2009

Simulcast News! Sign up now!

Instead of a fall tour this year, we're going to try something a little different: a simulcast visit to my studio for schools and libraries. If you want your organization to be one of the 200 schools and libraries that I'll visit by video (vidsit?) on October 6th, just head over to* and click on either Elephant or Piggie** when they pop up on the homepage.

The plan is for me to walk you through my studio, doodle, show some original drawings from this fall's new Elephant and Piggie adventure Pigs Make Me Sneeze!***, take (a few) questions, and then... well, then there will be an extra super surprise!

I'm certainly looking forward to it and I hope you can drop by and enjoy your vidsit...


If you have specific questions regarding eligibility, please contact the Hyperion folks here. They're in charge of the specifics and will do their best to accommodate you.

* While you're there, go play some games and learn about buses and stuff.

** Then, fill out tedious paperwork! Yay!

*** Talk about "ripped from today's headlines", huh?