Saturday, May 23, 2009

A tale of two laundromats

It was the best of spin cycles... It was the worst of spin cycles...

As you might suspect, I had a fond attachment to the Knuffle Bunny Laundromat, especially after publication when the M machine became a place of (occasional) pilgrimage.

But times change. A few months after I moved from Brooklyn, I returned for a weekend to attend the Brooklyn Book Festival. Visiting pal Jackie Woodson (who happens to live quite near the laundromat) for a block party, I passed the laundromat and became wistful. When I left the party, the signage was GONE. Replaced by a horrible, typical canvas awning. Turns out the nice guys who owned the joint sold it and the new owners wanted to jazz the place up by replacing anything of aesthetic value with crud.

I vowed never to enter a laundromat again. This was made easier by the fact that I currently have a laundry machine in my house.

Well, walking down a street in my new neighborhood, I passed the aesthetically pleasing Masonic Laundromat (you don't have to be a Mason to go there) and what should I see but this:

Awesome. The joint has their own copy of Knuffle Bunny for those who wait for their laundry.

Now, thanks to some sneaky sneaking they have a stuffed doll as well.

Viva Laundry!

(Unrelated note: thanks to you Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed is #11 on the PW Bestseller list. Thanks, you.)