Friday, June 12, 2009

BIG FROG CAN'T FIT IN (sneak peek)

As long as we're talking about new books, here's a sneak peek at my first (and probably last) ever pop-out book, Big Frog Can't Fit In!

It's about a frog, a big frog, who, well... can't fit in. See! There's her foot sticking out of the book!

Who will help her?

The pop-out will be on the shelves this October.

I thought animation was laborious!* Pop out books are real hard work. Fortunately, I had a great collaborator in paper engineer Bruce Foster. We spent a long time going back and forth, re-writing, re-designing, re-drawing, re-everything to get this book as good as it could be. I've already given you a sneak peek of some of the early tests and come it's release, I'll so some outtakes (yes this book was so big, it even has outtakes), but for now, here's another sneak peek at a test of one of the mechanisms on a much larger, complicated spread.

I hope you enjoy the final product when it's released this fall.

(*I was right)