Friday, August 21, 2009

so ya wanna make a cartoon?

The old mailbag this week had a brand-spanking new copy of pal David Levy's new book Animation Development, a tome aimed at animators and cartoonists interested in getting their own series. David is a teacher, animator, director, and the President of NYC's society of animators, so he knows his stuff. Consequently, the book is chocked full with info and insights from TV animation creators like pals Jackson Public, Mr. Warburton, Craig McCracken, and execs like the great Linda Simensky (an old pal and sitar player in my spoof 90's beatnik band...) You can even get bits of flotsam from me about my TV days. Check it out and either you'll be really inspired, or really depressed. Either way, you'll be getting the real deal.

Hits the shelves in September.

Speaking of animation, my most recent animated collaborations with Weston Woods studios have garnered 3 starred reviews from School Library Journal. Check out the nice things they say about the animated Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! ["Pigeon and Willems will enchant viewers."] and Knuffle Bunny Too and the documentary Getting to Know Mo Willems ["This delightful production, full of energy and fun, will resonate with viewers" and they "enjoy Willems's quirky sense of humor and joie de vivre."](scroll down a bit for those)