Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Simulcast a Success!

Thanks to a great deal of hard work by my pals at Hyperion (especially Nellie and Zat!), yesterday's simulcast from the studio to schools and libraries around the country was a success. We reached literally TONS of kids, answered questions, showed a documentary, read the brand new Pigs Make Me Sneeze! and Big Frog Can't Fit In!, made drawings, and talked on a pretend phone.

Events like this don't just happen; we had a huge crew at the studio working out the kinks, both technical and aesthetic.

Here's a taste of the last two days of rehearsals:

And this is what it looked like on some fans' computer screens for the live show:

And here is a quick vid clip of one of the schools when I drew their idea....


Thanks to all the schools and libraries who helped meet the technical requirements and especially all the kids and their awesome ideas! Rock on!