Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today's NYTimes has a quick review of my first Pop-Up Book, Big Frog Can't Fit In!

Among the flattering things the review says is:

"The poses (engineering by Bruce Foster) will get surefire laughs at first sight of the frog: legs out, arms up, a panicked expression. No matter what kind of help the reader provides by pulling tabs to make the frog smaller, nothing works, and the center spread of the frog desperate to leap out of her confines, unable to stand it, is a highlight of comic pathos and 3-D design."

I'm blushing.

Unfortunately, then the reviewer, a YA author, complains that the pop-up doesn't have a back-story, like, say, a good YA novel, and asks: "Why does the frog even want to fit into a book?"

Rats. I apologize for forgetting to mention that. I won't go into Big Frog's devastating experiences as an orphan in Poland. Suffice it to say Big Frog wants to be in the book for the same reason most of us do what we do: She needs the health insurance.