Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Some nice end of year news:

The Columbus Dispatch has just published their end of the year Best Books list and my first pop-up book, Big Frog Can't Fit In! made the list. They said:

"Willems truly puts the concept of pop-up to work here, inventing a frog too big for the book. Her legs sprawl out from the pages and all seems hopeless until she gets help from some friends: miniature frogs."

Meanwhile over at the News & Observer [Raleigh, North Carolina], their best of the year list includes Big Frog Can't Fit In!
"Only Mo Willems would come up with such a fitting premise for a pop-up - an overlarge frog who can't be contained by book pages."
and Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed
"Wilbur, the naked mole rat, is a fashionista who bucks the buck-naked status quo by asking "why?" Simple line drawings bring complex issues to light."


Thanks to the editors, experts, and kids who chose their favorites this year!