Monday, January 11, 2010

Coats of Arms...

It's been a while since the family altered the chalkboard walls in Knuffle Manor's dining room, so for the new year we decided on a theme of Coats of Arms.

Much like our portraits, we were looking to provide symbols for fictional families.

The deal was thus:

One person drew the shield and motto ribbon.

Another person drew the inside of the shield.

A third person drew the animals around the shield and wrote the Coat's motto.

Each creation was, thus, a true collaboration.

Here's my favorite:

Or maybe this is my favorite:

Could be this one (note the hamsters holding up the gigantic shield):

This one is always a bit tricky as we leave this door to the kitchen open and half of the illustrations are usually lost to us for the duration.

So, this time we decided to play with that (apologies to Mr. Jaffee)

By the end of the day, the collaborations got weirder and weirder...

Just the way I like 'em.

Thus, why not tho' and thine family have a big old family draw (on paper, on canvas, or on the walls)?