Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why should I have all the fun?

Yesterday was Knuffle Manor's 3rd annual luncheon/party for the awesome pals who do all of the hard work editing, designing, publicizing, representing, and supporting my feeble efforts and turn them into books. This year the gang included folks
at Hyperion, Harper, and Shelly's.

Affectionately dubbed "Sausage Fest" (on account of a menu consisting of homemade Dutch Meatball Soup, Suzitije Broodjes [Dutch sausage pastries], Champagne, Polish Sausage, Various Cheeses, Other Sausage, Wine, Tea, and Some Sausage)*
in past years the event has been merely an excuse to eat and drink to excess.

But this year, I put the crew to work drawing aliens on my dining room's chalk board walls!

I'm sure you'll agree the results were just as weird as past efforts by family and friends, which is how I like it!

Thanks to everyone for a great year, weird doodles, and more great years to come!

*vegetarians in the group (and they exist) are aghast, but we feed them fresh carrot soup and that quiets them down.