Friday, March 5, 2010

A gift of doodles!

Right before I left on tour, it was my birthday, so we didn't get to celebrate until my return from the road.

And celebrate we did, because my gift from the family was the one thing I'd most wanted for the longest time!

That's right, I got my very own one of THESE:

I KNOW how jealous you are right now (even if you don't know what that thing is). Long time visitors to the site know of my family's penchant for drawing on the dining room walls.

Well, thanks to the above HUGE roll of paper, I can now tear off a gigantic slab of paper to use as a table cloth and (when matched with these):


For years, the main reason I went to restaurants was for the thrilling freedom of doodling while dining.

Even before my daughter was born, I'd insist on eateries with crayons (or I'd bring my own).

So this year for my birthday dinner, Team Willems went on a dynamic dinner doodle!

But we didn't just draw, we used stuff on the table to make collage-compositions like this:

My favorite composition of the night? Trixie's hipster salad dressing dude:

Of course it was my belated birthday dinner, so I got my favorite...


It was awesome.

Why not have a drawing dinner at home tonight?