Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CITY DOG, COUNTRY FROG gets a(nother) star!

City Dog, Country Frog won't be released for a month, but already it's received it's second starred review, this time from the fine folks at School Library Journal, who say:

Spare, poignant, and ultimately upbeat, this tale depicts the natural cycle of friendship from an enthusiastic first encounter to contented companionship to the heartbreak of loss and eventual emotional renewal. ...Making expert use of color and texture, Muth’s expressive paintings clearly convey the tale’s emotional nuances. This understated picture book allows plenty of room for young readers to interpret the animals’ feelings for themselves and perhaps discuss their own emotions.

Thanks, SLJ!

Jon Muth and I hope you'll enjoy it when it hits the shelves this summer.

(you can read the whole review by clicking here and scrolling down)