Saturday, May 22, 2010

Local rocks!

This Friday my local paper had an in-depth story about me, my work, my studio, and my new town. The piece is, in my opinion, exceptional and accurate, except that it makes me look much cooler than I actually am. (Trixie even gets a shout-out in a sidebar).

I also recently chatted with local morning DJ Monte Belmonte about films, books, and the craft of animation. Monte is always great fun and funny (check out his archive, he hangs out with the coolest folks like old neighbor John Hodgman or Jesse Schiedlower, an old pal who I haven't seen in years, but who's bar-night-performance-art-spelling-bees in the early 90's led me to meet my wife).

And the local weekly also had a quick shout out and another quick shout out.

Why all of this local love? Mostly because I'm a lucky guy. But, it's no coincidence that this Sunday is:


I hope to see you if you're in the area.