Monday, June 14, 2010

Pigeon Games! (& 'Mo)

An awesome package came in the old mail bag recently. The very first set of PIGEON GAMES!

First off there's the awesome Pigeon doll.

But, wait a second! That's not a doll! It's the packaging for THE PIGEON WANTS A MATCH!, the brand new matching game that's more fun than driving a bus!

Each game has tons of scenes from your favorite Pigeon adventures:

Plus brand new, never been used in a matching game before LOSE A TURN and EXTRA TURN tiles!

The game also comes with instructions on how to play AND how to draw the Pigeon!

Also from the fine folks at University Games come two puzzles based on THE PIGEON FINDS A HOT DOG:

I've been working with the University Games guys for about a year on these and an upcoming board game all of which should be hitting the shelves next month!

I'm very happy with them and hope you will be too.

So, flock on over to your nearest toy shop and say The Pigeon sent ya!

In more exciting news, San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum just announced their upcoming exhibit, Storytime! Graphic Novels for Kids of All Ages, featuring a full set of process drawings from Elephant and Piggie's ELEPHANTS CANNOT DANCE.

The show will feature work from Jeff Smith's fantastic Bone, old Little Lulu, Beanworld, and much more! Should be a knockout!

And in more great Pigeon news, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! has just won the 2010 3 Apples Young Reader Book Award, an award voted on by real kids! Thanks, kids!

In other news, the Los Angeles Times likes City Dog, Country Frog, saying about the book: "The result is both funny (like Willems) and poignant (like Muth)" and "a perfect expression of what lasts in friendship."

And finally:
if you get a chance check out these sketches & ideas of visiting cartoonists to the Center for Cartoon Studies by students. Subjects include myself, pal Robert Sikoryak, Kim Dietch & others.