Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travels and Exhibitions...

The past week was a whirlwind of activity at both BEA and the National Cartoonist Society convention.

It was a very busy time and I found myself signing at various locales, bumping into a KAJILLION* pals, and (particularly at the Cartoonist shin-dig) meeting new folks whose work I admire.

One of the special events of the week was an exhibition featuring some of Jon Muth's paintings from the upcoming City Dog, Country Frog .

(click to enlarge images)

The show included some of my drawing from the upcoming Elephant & Piggie adventure, Can I Play Too?

Although it was a temporary exhibit at a great NYC gallery, the show was a big hit.

I especially enjoyed running into the children's book buyer at Coral Gables fantastic Books & Books. Last time I saw her, I was asked to draw Pigeon on her arm. This time, that very drawing was a tattoo!

(She also has Eric Carle on her wrist)

Don't worry if you missed it because, if you're in NYC, you can check out the work at Books of Wonder, who will be hanging the show from June 15- July 15.

Sorry not to have any images from the conventions, I was simply too busy running around visiting with people to take any pictures, but here's one of Jon Muth, myself & Powerhouse's Susanne Konig after our signing in Dumbo:

And here's an awesome shot of the Pigeon I ran across in today's fan mail:

And a big YAAAY! for pal Hilary Price's Reuben win in Newspaper Panel Division for her Rhymes with Orange strip! Way to go, Hil! Also congrats to pal Richard Thompson's nomination for the big Reuben!

*No, really. A kajillion