Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KNUFFLE BUNNY FREE gets some Knuffles!

With the impending publication of KNUFFLE BUNNY FREE in a week or so, the reviews have started rolling in.

In it's 3rd starred review, School Library Journal says:

"Willems once again conveys a range of emotions through limited text and outstanding illustrations. His sensitivity to children’s needs allows the humor to come through without devaluing the feelings.... This one is a must-have."

The Los Angeles Times reports:
"Trixie's final big-girl gesture makes readers realize (sigh) that the Trixie and Knuffle Bunny saga has come to an end. I won't give away the story of this final volume, except to hint that Willems' compassion for put-upon parents also extends to childless airline passengers."

The SacBee says:

"Knuffle Bunny is perfect. It invites hours of lap time, reading and sharing."

Thanks to all! I hope you enjoy the book when it releases!